Autofina Limited is a technology and research company focused on developing low cost robots for industry.

Fast, reliable, high payload robots.
Fast Setup: With our robots, you could set up a pick and place application in a few minutes or redeploy the robot from a pick and place task to a machine tending task in a few hours.

Our fourth generation Pro+Motion software uses simple natural language to describe to the robot what you want to do. You can type a command and get immediate movement from the robot without having to compile the program prior to running it. It uses English language words that are used like building blocks to define more powerful words. Structured conditionals allow decision-making branches and loops. It has extensive I/O to control and interface with external devices, synchronized with robot motion if required. Pro+Motion allows programming of named positions and paths, relative and absolute positions, Cartesian or joint control, palletizing, continuous paths and a plethora of functions, making it a matter of hours for implementing complex instructions.

Our game-changing robots
• Are at an extremely low purchase price.
• Have excellent ROI with short payback.
• Drastically reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
• Allow for rapid deployment and integration.
• Are viable for Low volume/ variable production.
• Are easily re-deployable for general-purpose applications.
• Offer easy maintenance by in-house maintenance personnel.
• Offer cheap and quick availability of spare parts locally.
• Have minimal recurring costs on software or warranties.
• Are reliable and accurate for the given process.
• Support multiple types of automation interfaces with other machines.
• Are programmed easily and quickly, by an in-house workforce with relatively basic automation qualification levels

Our robots are Easy: Easy to Buy, Easy to Program, Easy to Maintain, Easy to Deploy and Redeploy, Easy to Interface, Easy on the Pocket.
Easy to fall in love with!

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