What’s New?

COROT Project – Autofina is part of the Interreg5a

We have now completed over 5 million cumulative test cycles on our robots. The bolt-on 6th axis has been productionised. Now developing a new 1 metre arm along with another arm for an autonomous service robot. 

Testing of 6th axis

Testing of 6th axis on the X60 arm


Specifications of X80 RoiBOT arm

Format: Vertically articulated multi axis (5/6) industrial robot arm with incremental encoders and brakes on each axes
Reach: 800mm in any direction
Payload Nominal: 12Kg
Payload: Max 10Kg at full reach
Joint Motion Ranges:
Waist: 360°
Shoulder: 290°
Elbow: 300°
Hand: 360° Unlimited rotations
Wrist: 360° Unlimited rotations
Repeatability: up to 0.05mm
Maximum speeds
Shoulder: 200° per sec
Elbow: 400° per sec
Waist: 400° per sec
Hand: 200° per sec
Wrist: 200° per sec
Max torque for hand pitch or roll: 15 Nm
Weight: Robot: 85kg  Controller: 20kg
Power: 110/220v AC Single Phase
Temperature range: 0° – 50°C
Calculated MTBF: 20,000 hours
Noise: Less than 40 dB